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Neurochrome is: State of the art high-precision audio circuits, well designed, well tested, well characterized, and well documented. We stand behind our products with support and we take pride in the success of our customers.

Some of our product lines are featured below. Further information is available in the menu at the top of the page as well.

Solid State Power Amplifiers

Parallel-86: 120 W composite chip amplifier achieving 0.00012 % THD.

Modulus-86 Rev. 2.0: 40 W composite chip amplifier achieving 0.000067 % THD.

Power-86: Companion power supply board for the Modulus-86 and Parallel-86 power amplifiers.

Vacuum tube amplifiers

Vacuum Tube Power Amplifiers & Circuits

DG 300B: A modern take on the legendary 300B SET amplifier.

Novar Spud: Sweep tube Spud using the 6GF7A, 6KY8, or 6LR8 tubes.

21st Century Maida Regulator: High voltage regulator with over 100 dB line rejection.

Universal Filament Regulator: Voltage regulator optimized for use with SET and other vacuum tubes.

Audio Precision APx525 detail

Testing Capabilities and Services

Neurochrome products are characterized and tested using state of the art test equipment. We will soon be offering measurement services to DIYers who would like to characterize their own builds.

Coffee & Books

Pushing the State of the Art Through Learning

Taming the LM3886 Chip Amplifier: Learn how to get the most from your chip amplifiers.