Featured Customer Success Story

Head-Fi.org member ‘Sceleratus’ used my DG 300B Board Set to build a headphone amplifier. His implementation is shown below. Polished bronze on burley maple with walnut corners. Output transformers from Electra-Print. Bravely done, Sir!


‘Sceleratus’ presented the amp at the Los Angeles Head-Fi Meet in July of 2013. Here are some of the listening impressions from the meet:

Frank Cooter: Highlight of the meet for me was Sceleratus’ DIY 300B amp. Anyone who followed his build thread in the DIY forum knows a bit of the hell he went through to pull this off. The results were well worth the effort. All the time, pain,frustration, and money paid off.

This is a wonderful sounding amp that looks great. Sceleratus’ amp has excellent smooth and extended highs. A major accomplishment  for a single-ended DHT amp. No problem there whatsoever.

Jeffrey Franz: Tom Christiansen Design: This was a 300B, DIY build by a really nice guy whose name, of course, I have forgotten. He based it on a circuit by the bolded name provided here. A truly fine sound and, until the BHSE/SR-009, as open-sounding as anything I heard, and that’s important to me.

See his build thread on Head-Fi.org: The Christiansen “DG” 300B Amplifier Build Thread.