Universal Filament Regulator


Low-noise, precision DC power source for vacuum tube filaments and heaters.



The Universal Filament Regulator is a low-voltage regulator optimized for use in vacuum tube amplifiers. Operating the filaments and heaters using the Universal Filament Regulator will eliminate any filament-related hum.

The Universal Filament Regulator PCB supports the LM2267x-series of ICs from Texas Instruments. A summary of the circuit features is shown below. For the full circuit description, please see the Universal Filament Regulator page.

  • Programmable current limit (up to 3 A for the LM22673; 5 A for LM22679).
  • Output voltages from 1.285 V to well beyond 12.6 V.
  • Soft start.
  • Package options exist that allow for humans to solder these ICs onto a circuit board.

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