THAT Driver


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High-performance, stereo, differential driver/preamp with vanishingly low 0.000021 % THD.

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The THAT Driver features:

  • High-performance, stereo, differential driver circuit with vanishingly low 0.000021 % THD.
  • EM/RF interference filters on both input and output ensure stellar performance even in the presence of RF signals, such as cell phone signals, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Minimizes the hum and buzz associated with ground loops by removing the ground loops from the signal path.
  • Default gain: 6.0 dB (2×). May be increased by resistor options.
  • 100 kΩ input impedance. Changeable by resistor option.
  • ESD protection on output allows for hot-plugging of cables.
  • Integrated low-noise voltage regulators.
  • 76 × 76 mm PCB size. PCB optimized for the best signal integrity possible.

For the full circuit description and specifications, please see the THAT Driver – Rev. 1.01 page.

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