Power Supply Solution for Audio Amplifiers.

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Switch-mode power supply intended as a simple turnkey power supply solution for LM3886-based amplifiers, such as the Modulus-86 and LM3886 Done Right. Equally suitable for mono Class D amplifiers of up to 300 W output power. Provides 120 W continuously, 360 W for audio reproduction (assuming a crest factor of 10 dB).

Key Features

  • Better performance and 30 % lower component cost than a typical unregulated linear supply.
  • No mains wiring required! On-board IEC mains inlet, mains fuse, and power switch.
  • International mains voltage input (85 – 264 VAC @ 47 – 440 Hz).
  • Well-regulated ±24 V output.
  • Can also be configured for ±5 V, ±12 V, or ±15 V.
  • Galvanically isolated output.
  • LC filtered output to minimize noise.
  • On-board 320 Joule surge suppressor.
  • Soft-start limiting the inrush current to 2.0 A.
  • Power on indicator LED output.
  • Small 107 × 153 mm (4.2 x 6.0 inches) board size. 35 mm assembled height.

More information and specifications are available on the SMPS-86 circuit description page.

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