Selector x4


4-position rotary selector switch with LED indicators and digital-friendly outputs.

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The Selector x4 is a four-position rotary selector switch. It offers the following features:

  • 1.30 x 2.40 inch (33 × 61 mm) board size – suitable for use in a 1U rack-mount chassis.
  • LED of selected input glows brightly, while the remaining LEDs glow subtly, creating a nice visual effect on the front panel.
  • LEDs may be located 1.00″ or 1.50″ from the centre line of the rotary switch to accommodate different size control knobs and personal taste.
  • Digital-friendly, debounced output provided on an IDC header (0.1″ pin pitch).
  • Intended for use on a +15 V power supply. Can be adapted for use on 3.3 – 15 V supplies.
  • Current consumption: Approx. 16 mA @ +15 V.
  • Compatible with C&K Components and Lorlin brand rotary switches.