Companion power supply board for the Modulus-86, Modulus-186, Modulus-286, and LM3886DR power amplifiers.

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  • Optimized gold plated PCB layout. Designed and manufactured in Canada.
  • Minimized output impedance and ground impedance through the elaborate use of planes and pours.
  • On-board, heat sinked bridge rectifier.
  • Supports two electrolytic capacitors of up to 40 mm in specified diameter (max. diameter: 41.5 mm).
  • Connector for ON-indicator LED.
  • Support for both simple capacitor snubbers and CRC snubbers to eliminate coupling of diode switching noise into sensitive circuits.
  • JST VH-series compatible output for easy connection to the Modulus-186 and Modulus-286.
  • Terminal blocks capable of handling up to AWG 10 (5.2 mm2) wire sizes.

The full circuit description is available here: Power-86.

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