LM3886 Done Right


Fully optimized LM3886 chipamp circuit delivering 80 W (4 Ω) at 0.004 % THD.

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Key features of the LM3886 Done Right.

  • 80 W (4 Ω) at 0.004 % THD+N; 45 W (8 Ω) at 0.002 % THD+N when used with the recommended power supply.
  • LM3886 layout fully optimized for high signal integrity.
  • All components needed for good amplifier stability included in the circuit.
  • Elaborate use of planes and pours to minimize ground bounce and ensure good THD performance across the audible frequency spectrum for the best audio quality possible.
  • Input RFI/EMI filter prevents all pops and clicks from the switching of heavy loads as well as buzz associated with cell phones, WiFi, and other RF interference sources.
  • On-board mounting brackets for attachment to heat sink.
  • Molex Mega-Fit 23 A rated connectors used for power supply and speaker out connections. BOM includes pre-crimped wire leads and mating connectors.
  • 3.00 x 2.45 inch board size (76 x 62 mm) with mounting holes suitable for machine screws up to 3.8 mm in diameter (UNC #6-32).

For the complete product description, specifications, and performance characterization, please visit the LM3886 Done Right page.

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