ISS: Intelligent Soft Start


Intelligent Soft Start.

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The Intelligent Soft Start (ISS) features:

  • On-board handling of all mains-related circuitry (fuse, power switch, mains voltage selection, etc.)
  • Relay Saver Technology I: An electronic switch engages the soft start before the main power relay on power-up and disengages after the power relay on power-down. This minimizes the switching current and voltage across the relay contacts, thereby minimizing arcing and the associated contact wear and RF emissions.
  • Relay Saver Technology II: After the power relay is engaged, a simple circuit reduces the relay coil voltage by 60%. This is plenty to keep the relay engaged and reduces the power dissipated in the relay coil by 85%, thereby extending the life of the relay.
  • All switch and relay timing handled by logic ICs. No programming required!
  • Support for two types of power switches: Toggle and momentary switches. These can be low-voltage types as 5 V signalling is used.
  • Opto-isolated 12 V trigger input for power control. This input has been optimized for good noise immunity.
  • Standby/Power indication using a bi-colour LED (or two individual LEDs in anti-parallel).
  • +5 V always-on auxiliary power supply.
  • 6-pin connector for interfacing to protection circuits.
  • 2.90 × 5.00 inch (74 × 127 mm) board footprint. The assembled module measures approximately 35 mm in height.
  • Gold plated PCB. Designed and manufactured in Canada.

While the ISS has been designed for use with the Power-686 and Power-86, it is equally suited for use with other power supplies and power transformers. The ISS also facilitates the integration of features such as power control and 12 V trigger into SMPS-powered amplifiers.

For more information and the full circuit description of the ISS, please see the ISS: Intelligent Soft Start description page.