Speaker protection board (mono).

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The Guardian-86 is a protection circuit for use with single-ended amplifiers, such as the Modulus-86, Modulus-286, LM3886 Done Right, and other amplifiers. The features of the Guardian-86 are listed below.

  • Mono construction.
  • Compatible with the Modulus-86, Modulus-286, LM3886 Done Right, and other amplifiers with single-ended outputs. For a bridge/BTL-compatible version, please see the Guardian-686.
  • No relays! All switching is done with MOSFETs for the lowest distortion.
  • No relay contacts to wear, thus, no change in performance due to aging.
  • Adds no measurable distortion.
  • Floating photovoltaic MOSFET driver ensures consistent good performance throughout the full swing of the output signal.
  • 5-second delay on power-up. Output disabled when supply voltage falls below 22 V.
  • Input: Molex Mega-Fit connector for easy connection to the Modulus-286 and LM3886 Done Right, and terminal blocks accepting up to AWG 10 (5.2 mm2) wire for use with the Modulus-86 and other amplifiers.
  • Output: Terminal blocks accepting up to AWG 10 (5.2 mm2) wire and two 4.3 mm diameter holes at ¾” (19 mm) spacing for direct mounting onto the speaker output terminals.
  • 2.50 × 1.75 inch footprint.
  • Gold plated circuit board. Designed and manufactured in Canada.

For the full circuit description and additional details, please see the Guardian-86 description page.

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