Differential Preamp 8×2


World class differential preamp with 0.000070 % THD and 112 dB SNR.

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The Differential Preamp 8×2 features:

  • High-performance 4-input stereo differential preamplifier with vanishingly low 0.000070 % THD and a signal-to-noise ratio of 112 dB.
  • Alps “Blue Velvet” volume potentiometer.
  • Kemet relays with gold plated silver contacts optimized for low-level signal routing.
  • EM/RF interference filters on both inputs and outputs ensure stellar performance even in the presence of RF signals, such as cell phone signals, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • ESD protection on both inputs and outputs allowing for hot-plugging of cables.
  • Minimizes the hum and buzz associated with ground loops by removing the ground loops from the signal path.
  • Default gain: 5.55 dB (1.90×). May be increased by resistor options.
  • On-board international power supply (85 – 264 VAC @ 47 – 440 Hz).
  • Board dimensions: 10.8 × 3.50 inches (approx. 275 × 89 mm).

For more information and a full set of specifications and measurements, please see the Differential Preamplifier 8.2 Rev. 1.0 page.


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