The Power-86 Power Supply Board is a companion board for the state of the art Neurochrome composite amplifiers. The intended use is for one Power-86 board to power two Modulus-86, Modulus-186, Modulus-286, or LM3886DR in a stereo amplifier. It is also possible to use one Power-86 board to power a mono block or, with a slight reduction in peak output power, more than two Modulus-86 or Modulus-186 boards.

The Power-86 board features:

  • Optimized PCB layout.
  • Minimized output impedance and ground impedance through the elaborate use of planes and pours.
  • On-board, heat sinked bridge rectifier.
  • Supports two electrolytic capacitors of up to 40 mm in specified diameter (max. diameter: 41.5 mm).
  • Connector for power ON indicator LED.
  • Simple capacitor snubber to eliminate coupling of diode switching noise into sensitive circuits.
  • Two industry standard JST 3-pin output connectors compatible with the Modulus-186 and Modulus-286.
  • Terminal blocks capable of handling up to AWG 10 (5.2 mm2) wire sizes.
  • Detailed documentation describing how to identify the various windings on an Antek AN/AS-series power transformer and connect the transformer correctly.
  • Bill-of-materials available as a link to a project set up with Mouser Electronics for ease of parts ordering.
  • The circuit board is fully electrically tested by the manufacturer.
  • Gold plated circuit board. Made in Canada.
  • 3.3 × 3.6 inch (84 × 92 mm) footprint.

Circuit boards are available for sale. Prices are in US Dollars and payment is handled via Paypal. You can pay with any of the major credit cards and do not need an account with Paypal to complete the purchase. A full set of schematics, circuit description, assembly guide, and bill-of-materials will be provided to paying customers.


The image below shows an example of a Power-86 board when completed according to the Mouser Project BOM. The cost of the parts is just shy of $35.

Builder Feedback

Very good instructions. Complete attention paid to all aspects of the power supply. Should have absolutely no trouble putting this together with those instructions. – Hank from Australia.