The Power-686 is a power supply intended for use with the Modulus-686 power amplifier and similar high-power amplifiers. This power supply provides twice the capacitance of the smaller Power-86 and uses individual diodes, each with its own heat sink, rather than a single integrated diode bridge. Thus, the Power-686 is well suited for a stereo Modulus-686 and also a good candidate for multi-channel Modulus-86 builds.

The key features of the Power-686 are:

  • Optimized PCB layout featuring the elaborate use of copper planes and pours to minimize parasitics.
  • Simple capacitor snubber to minimize diode switching noise. Option for CRC snubber for advanced builders.
  • Four discrete diodes with individual heat sinks.
  • Four 22000 µF, 50 V reservoir capacitors. Snap-in capacitors up to 40 mm in specified diameter supported.
  • Power on indicator LED output.
  • 23 A rated Molex MegaFit output connector and terminal blocks for easy interfacing both to Modulus amplifiers and other amplifiers.
  • Detailed documentation describing how to identify the various windings on an Antek AN/AS-series power transformer and connect the transformer correctly.
  • 3.3″ × 5.7″ (84 × 145 mm) footprint. The assembled board measures approximately 57 mm in height.

Circuit boards are available for sale. Prices are in US Dollars and payment is handled via Paypal. You can pay with any of the major credit cards and do not need an account with Paypal to complete the purchase. A full set of schematics, circuit description, assembly guide, and bill-of-materials will be provided to paying customers.

The image below shows an example of a Power-686 board when completed according to the Mouser Project BOM. The cost of the parts is just shy of $75.