The Power-686 is currently being designed. It is expected to be available in May 2018. All information here is subject to change without notice.

The Power-686 is a power supply intended for use with the Modulus-686 power amplifier. It contains a wide range of features, most prominently a soft-start feature and easy interfacing to protection circuits.

The key features of the Power-686 are:

  • Onboard IEC power entry. All mains wiring handled on the PCB – just connect the transformer to the board and go!
  • Low voltage control of power on/off allowing for easy interfacing with protection modules and low voltage power switches.
  • Soft-start inrush current limiting.
  • 120 Joule surge suppressor.
  • Four 22000 µF, 50 V reservoir capacitors.
  • +5 V always on auxiliary output.
  • Power on indicator LED.
  • Molex MegaFit output connector and terminal blocks for easy interfacing both to Modulus amplifiers and other amplifiers.